Reviewing eTags’ Services and Other Online Platforms

By | May 1, 2017

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We use technology for so many different things in our lives for convenience and because it’s just plain easier. Consider banking. Do you remember the old days when we actually had to go to the bank to deposit a check or conduct a transfer? You would have to make sure you could get make it during business hours, which could be difficult if you work a 9-5 job. You would have to stand in line and hope nobody had too complicated of a transaction. And when you finally were helped, you would have to resist being upsold on a new credit card or other bank promotion.

Now, all you need is your smartphone, an internet connection, and the check, and you can deposit it anytime, anywhere.

The same idea could be applied to the DMV.  Every year or two, depending on the state where you live, you will need to renew your vehicle registration. Now, before the Internet, smartphones, and mobile apps, you had no other choice but to use the snail mail option or go to the DMV in person. Obviously, this is not always the best use of time as lines can be long depending on when you go. In addition to that, you have to make sure you can make it to the DMV during its business hours, which, like banks, are often limited. Do you really want to use a personal day so you can renew your registration at the DMV? We are betting the answer to that question is now. Thanks to technology you may have more than just one online option. If you live in California, Florida, or Maryland, eTags offers an online registration renewal service that enable motorists to renew their registration on their laptop, mobile phone, or tablet right from their very own home. Just as technology has driven major changes in banking, it can do the same for some DMV services.

Here is where your input is very important. Whether at the start of the development of a new online service or after its establishment, your feedback is integral in the forward progress of updating antiquated processes like those of the banks and DMVs. By providing your feedback or review, you provide the people in charge of implementing things like online transaction platforms the information they need to both understand what people want and how in demand it is. Taking for example eTags again, the company founders identified an area of need where vehicle owners in many states were looking for more convenience than their state DMVs were offering. With continuous customer feedback from over 80,000 reviews to date, the company has added conveniences and improved their platform and overall customer experience. Imagine how that much feedback could help other companies or industries like real estate or even the food insustry.

When consumers leave feedback, industries respond.


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