New Fees in California eTags Wants You to Be Aware of

eTags provides online vehicle registration renewal services to motorists in California, Florida, and Maryland. They offers vehicle owners an alternative to standing in line at the DMV or even having to deal with confusing and sometimes frustrating online platforms with other online renewal options. They want their California customers to be aware that registrations fees… Read More »

Winter Driving Tips

The air is chilled and the first winter snow has fallen across the country. For many, driving in the snow is a commonplace affair. For others in more temperate climates, dealing with the snow and ice comes once in a while and takes some getting used to. Severe weather, like snow, sleet, and ice, can… Read More »

May Reviews for eTags

Here are a few reviews from May posted by actual customers. Have you placed an order with eTags?… If so, what was your experience like? Read more reviews here.                                                        … Read More »

Four Errands You Can Now Do Online

  If you are the type of person who hates to run errands, you’ll be happy to know that technology has come a long way in the past decade. Now you can do many things online that you once would have to venture outside of your home to complete. You can even find someone else… Read More »